Chopstick Sleeves

Chopstick Sleeves 

Please enjoy a choice of either free complimentary chopstick sleeves or deluxe quality decorative sleeves. The free sleeves styles come in two styles each shown below. You may order our free chopstick sleeves from the drop down menu when ordering chopsticks. 

Free Chopstick Sleeves Styles (below)

Our free personalized chopstick sleeveOur deluxe chopstick sleeves are available as an option when ordering our personalized chopsticks. The deluxe sleeves are made of stiff, high quality paper and richly printed in 18 different styles. We make sure to provide a varied selection of styles no matter how many you order. That is, if you order 18 sleeves you'll get one each of the 18 chopstick sleeve styles shown. Our chopstick sleeves may only be ordered with the same qty of chopsticks. We invite you to compare our chopstick sleeve prices elsewhere. We think you'll agree that once again the best quality and value for your favor's budget can be found here at Laser Image Works. Sleeve size is 7 3/8 x 1 1/5 inch, and fits normal chopsticks. These sleeves are professionally printed and perfect for Asian or colorful celebrations!  

Our deluxe chopstick sleeves

There are 18 unique styles in each beautiful set of deluxe chopstick sleeves. We will supply you with as many unique chopstick sleeve patterns as your order quantity allows. Each chopstick sleeve is a fine quality, durable sleeve, professionally printed on fine stiff paper. These sleeves are only available with a matching numbers of chopsticks ordered. This is due to limited quantities and free shipping*. Although the cart will allow a separate order, it will not processed without chopsticks. Our Deluxe chopstick sleeves are 7.5 inches by 1.5 inches and fit all our chopsticks styles perfectly, as shown here. These sleeves also fit any standard sized chopstick which is typically about 9 inches long. Please check back often as we'll have updates sleeve styles and more personalizing options in the future!

* (w/$49+ order)