Color Filled

Our color filled personalized chopsticks offer the option of adding color over the top of, or rather inside the engraved text on your chopsticks. The process involves 1st typesetting your personalized chopstick order and engraving it. (This is done after any needed proofs have been approved, and all questions have been answered). Next, the color your selected when ordering your color filled chopsticks is matched to our selection of custom acrylic paints. The paint is then applied to the personalized chopstick over the existing text engraving. Time is allowed for the first coat to dry, and then any excess paint is removed from the chopstick. After a careful inspection, the personalized chopstick then has a 2nd coat of your selected color applied to it. This too is allowed to stand and dry, and then a 2nd chopstick cleanup is applied, removing any excess paint. After a careful inspection, the process of applying a color touch up may be repeated for any color still requiring it. Then, your personalized chopsticks (now finished with color) are allowed to dry for a few days.

Compared to a normal laser text engraving, the process of making color filled chopsticks is exponentially more difficult and time consuming, and of course requires more materials in terms of paint and cleaning materials. This is why the prices for our color filled chopsticks are so much higher than for our regular engraved chopstick sets. This is also why the majority of our customs unltimately go with our regular engraved chopstick pairs – its a much faster (in terms of delivery) and easier order all the way around.

It should also be noted that special care should be used when cleaning these personalized chopsticks – soaking in water, or using a dishwasher will rode the paint, so please avoid!