Chopstick Tips

Considerations when buying personalized and custom chopsticks 

If you compare our customized chopsticks with our competition you'll see why we have been so successful over the years. (Please see the handy table below for a quick reference). 

Lets start with the bottom line - price. We typically offer the lowest price on the web for comparable quality engraved chopsticks. We use only the finest quality wood chopsticks, yielding premium engraving results. 

Other sites that specialize in customizing chopsticks normally charge extra for any font other than Times New Roman, any Asian symbols, custom artwork, etc for each chopstick. Expect to pay $30 for foreign languages, $50 for 1 graphic art, $100 for 2. Here, these services are free! We pride ourselves on offering the finest quality chopsticks and engraving, often for half the price of copycat merchants. 

Over the years, other chopstick personalizing companies have sprung up with fancier web site graphics, and outright copying of our ideas. One big difference between us and many of them is that the options we pioneered for our custom chopsticks (foreign language text, standardized Asian characters) as well as our huge font selection are all still offered free here at Laser Image Works. Many or all of the features you see here will cost you an arm and a leg elsewhere. Shop around. You'll see what were talking about. 

Summary Table: Why purchasing your custom chopsticks here is a smart move!

Personalized Chopstick Feature

Laser Image Works

Other Sites

Chopstick Price

As low as $2.82 a set including personalizing.

Usually higher. Often a lot higher.

Chopstick Quality



Font Selection

Over 1000 fonts. You may also provide your own.

Usually a very small selection.

Font Price

All our fonts are free options

Typically $10 for anything but the default font.

Asian Symbols

All free

Most don't have them. For those that have copied our Asian Symbols idea, expect to pay a lot extra.

Chinese, Korean and Japanese

Free. Just provide your text when ordering.

Not offered, or if they do expect to pay $30 or more.

Logos and Art Work


$30 to $100 extra.

Chopstick Sleeves

Free (paper, 2 choices when ordering)

Extra charge if offered.

Shipping Time

Fast. Normally receive chopsticks in a week.

Varies, often takes weeks. (Often because there is a middleman involved).

Shipping Cost


You pay in most cases.

Custom text limit

32 characters per chopstick

Often 20 characters or less per chopstick.

Middle man - reseller


Often - check for inflated prices.

Additionally, we still offer free shipping* on all custom chopstick orders. If that weren't enough, we offer 2 free styles of paper chopstick sleeves to dress up your personalized chopsticks, again absolutely free. Our chopstick sleeves were designed by us and are only available here at Laser Image Works. We are typically the fastest chopstick shipper around. We'll normally have your order of personalized chopsticks delivered to your doorstep within the week (varies a bit depending on location), again - free of charge. This includes tracking and delivery confirmation. Some of the main reasons our personalized chopstick prices and options are better are quite simple: Other sites (particularly wedding sites that resell hundreds of products) are simply re-marketing sites - there is a middle man involved that increases the price dramatically. We do our own work and shipping in house, keeping your costs to a minimum. Another factor that actually helps keep our chopsticks competitively priced is that we don't pay for fancy website design and search engine optimizing pros to hype web rankings. We believe the reason for our loyal customer base is our unmatched combination of quality and value. We've been personalizing chopsticks since before most of the other guys were even in business, and will continue to provide you our high quality engraved chopsticks - with all features and options free - at the very competitive pricing you always have enjoyed at Laser Image Works.

*(w/$49+ order)