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Hawaiian Wedding Favors & Customs

Aloha, and welcome to our Hawaiian wedding favor and customs page. Here we take a brief look at Hawaiian wedding traditions. Hawaii is the number one honeymoon location for Americans, followed by  Jamaica, Mexico and Tahiti. All of these places offer a gorgeous tropical setting for your wedding and honeymoon. But let's focus on Hawaii: 

Hawaiian Wedding Customs Personalized chopstick for a Hawaiian wedding favor

Hawaiian wedding traditions are open to interpretation by each couple. Hawaii couples often have a wedding that reflects their own particular cultural background, and often borrows from wedding traditions found throughout the world. They are usually filled with traditions that show respect for the families cultural background, which is thought to bring good luck to the newlyweds. These often reflect the Hawaiian, Samoan, Chinese, Japanese and Filipino cultures that the families may come from. For example, a Japanese wedding tradition involves folding 1001 origami cranes made of paper together, which is thought to bring good luck, fortune, peace and faithfulness to the new couple. These are often mounted and framed for display. T he western wedding tradition of exchanging rings is normally observed. These types of traditions are nicely blended into a tropical Hawaiian theme. Naturally, beach wedding themes are a natural part of Hawaiian wedding culture and customs. 


Most Hawaiian wedding ceremonies are held in English and Hawaiian mixed together, along with elements of Christian wedding ceremonies, or whatever religious influence is strongest in the families. A conch shell is often blown three times when the ceremony begins, representing the  presence of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Families with a Catholic religious background incorporate a mass into the wedding ceremony. Ceremonies often begin also with the exchanging of Leis, which represent the continuous circle of harmony that the new couple strives to attain. The bride and groom each take turns putting a lei around each other's necks, following the action with a sweet kiss. Rings are exchanged and then the vows are typically exchanged. This is followed by the Priest pronouncing the new couple to be husband and wife. 


Hawaiian wedding dishes include fruit such as star anise, oranges, pineapples, mangos, kiwi, bananas and coconuts. A typical Hawaiian wedding feast uses local cuisine such as shrimp, hirame, sashimi, stuffed crabmeat, moi poke, tofu, lobster, spare ribs and crab cakes. And of course there is the traditional Hawaiian  roast pig cooked in an in ground oven (called an Imu). Try adding a lot of local fruit to your punch bowl, and placing a few edible floating orchids in it. Many people love having their wedding celebration at or near the beautiful Hawaiian beach, which fits in naturally with your beach theme wedding party. And of course you'll need to eat your delicious Hawaiian food with something! Our Hawaiian wedding favors chopsticks are a natural favor for your beach party, and will give the guests a lasting memento of your wedding. 


At a Hawaiian wedding, the groom wears white trousers and long sleeved shirt adorned with a colorful sash, and the bride sports a white Holoku (which is a formal muumuu), and they both wear wreaths of leis.  As in many other cultures, Hawaiian wedding bands are inscribed with the couples name and are often exchanged at the ceremony. 


The Lei is a Hawaiian flower necklace and is a famous Hawaii symbol of love. The Lei tradition actually originated with Tahitian's who brought it via canoe to Hawaii from Polynesia.  Leis are very well known as a gift given by Hawaiians when people come to visit. In a Hawaiian wedding ceremony. A Lei is made from shells, feathers, bones, and of course flowers. The Maile Leis (a garland made of nice smelling green leaves) is worn by the bride and groom, and symbolizes love and a connection to the land. In ancient times the Maile Leis was a peace symbol between tribal cheifs.  A Kahuna Pule (Hawaiian Priest)  ties the hands of the bride and groom's hands together with a Maile Leis to symbolize the unity of the couple. The groom wears a Maile Lei made of Pikake and Ilima. The Maile part consist of green leaves. Pikake is a small white perl-like Jasmine flower  that is wonderfully fragrant. The bride will wear a Haku. The Haku lei can be created with a variety of flowes and is normally worn on the bride's head. The betrothed couple's mothers often wear leis made of Pikake. Lei etiquette is pretty much a matter of common sense. Don't refuse a lei offered as a gift. Don't remove the lei while the person who gave it is nearby. 


Hawaiian wedding popular music includes "Blue Hawaii" which became famous in an Elvis Presley flick. Another popular wedding song is "Ke Kali Nei Au" which means "I am waiting for you."  More wedding favorites include "Pretty Red Hibiscus", "Maile Swing" and "Sophisticated Hula." Many musical styles can be employed, and often the ukulele, steel guitar and slack key guitar are used. Many times a Hula dancer is hired to perform these songs. 


Sometimes if the families are from the Philippines, a money dance (called a Pandango) is performed. Here the guests tape money together around the bride and groom as they dance. Dancing at the beach in Hawaii is fun and is a natural part of any beach themed wedding. 

Hawaiian Wedding Words 

Relating to Marriage Aloha and Ho`ao are two terms used in regards to Hawaiian weddings. Aloha of course has many meanings and uses, including love, or a loved person,  sweetness and respect. Ho`ao is a very old Hawaiian word for marriage which actually means to stay until daybreak. This also refers to a ceremony performed for the ruling royal classes during these ceremonies. 

Hawaiian Wedding Favors 

Our number one recommendation for favors are personalized chopsticks engraved with the name and date of the bride and groom. These favors fit perfectly at any Asian themed wedding and are can be engraved with any special Hawaiian words or phrases. Our favors ship free to Hawaii from the west coast, making them a stylish, quick and affordable wedding favor.