Luxury Chopstick Gift Boxes and Gift Wrapping

Posted by on 2/5/2018 to News

We just added new chopstick gift boxes and wrapping!

We are offering FREE Gift Boxes when your order any of our luxury or fancier chopsticks! (While supplies last).
You'll see the option to pick a free gift box (or bag) when ordering. You'll also see the option to get chopstick gift wrapping at a very discounted price! And you always have the option to request drop shipping at no extra charge! Just let us know in the order comments dialog box.

5 pair chopstick gift wrap

Two pair chopstick gift box ribbon (silver)

5 pair chopstick gift ribbon (gold)

2 pair chopstick gift wrap

Five pair chopstick gift box w/red ribbon

5 pair gift box for luxury chopsticks

5 pair gift box, for 9 in chopstick sets

2 pair gift box, for 9 in chopstick sets

2 pair gift box (red top), for 9 in chopstick sets

2 pair luxury chopstick gift box

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