Free and "nearly free" chopstick shipping

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Great News. Shipping is now FREE or "nearly free"!!

Luxury Chopstick Gift Boxes and Gift Wrapping

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We just added new chopstick gift boxes and wrapping!

We are offering FREE Gift Boxes when your order any of our luxury or fancier chopsticks!
You'll see the option to pick a free gift box (or bag) when ordering. You'll also see the option to get chopstick gift wrapping at a very discounted price! And you always have the option to request drop shipping at no extra charge! Just let us know in the order comments dialog box.

"Far Out" chopstick, gift box and chopstick rest images.

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From Our Blog....

And now for something a little different...chopstick abstractions!

Just for the fun of it, were going to post some shots we made for Instagram of our chopsticks, but in a "fun" format" the chopstick, rest and gift box images are shown with artistic filters applied. Originally on Instagram the viewers were asked if they could guess which of our products the images were of. Can you guess?

New "Experimental" Products are ready for your evaluation!

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We have a bunch of new chopsticks, rests and gift boxes....

New Luxurious Deluxe Chopsticks have arrived!

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We're delighted to be able to share with you over 50 new beautiful and luxurious chopstick styles. These chopsticks have been hand selected to give you the best choices for your upcoming wedding, anniversary, birthday or other special event.

Amber Golden Capped ChopstickAbstract Silver ChopstickDouble Gold Fish Chopstick

Compare our personalized chopsticks with Amazon

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As you shop for personalized chopsticks for your special occasion, you may find that there are personalized chopsticks on sale in bulk quantities on Amazon for a lower price. That lower price may look attractive, but before you decide, let's see what your giving up in exchange.

Poor quality example is shown below.
poor quality personalized engravin

Actually, the poor example above is better than some of the bulk (50 to 100 or more) personalized chopsticks offerings on Amazon. To avoid copyright issues we can't post the actual pictures shown on Amazon, but when you find the bulk quantity chopsticks there, you'll see that the engraving quality and chopstick wood quality is worse than even what is shown here.

High quality engraving example: these are our Tan personalized chopsticks:

Although touted as "high quality bamboo chopsticks" the Amazon bulk photos reveal the problem instantly: low quality, softer wood (bamboo in this case) always results in inferior engraving results. The "high quality" chopsticks shown there are closer to disposable in terms of wood and engraving quality.

This is why at Laser Image Works, we buy only the very best hardwood chopsticks, resulting in greater durability and vastly better, high contrast, sharp engraving.  Even our black tip bamboo chopstick style uses very hard wood, resulting in super high quality engraving. 

Using the highest possible engraving settings on the very best wood is why our products consistently look the best. So you need to ask your self what level of quality you'd like to impress your guests with. Fortunately, with our low prices and free shipping*, we hope the choice is obvious.
*(w/$49+ order)