Chopstick Personalization FAQ

How long will my personalized chopstick order take?
Please allow about 2-4 business days to process your order and get it into the mail system. Normally you can expect delivery in about a week.

Can I order just chopstick sleeves by themselves?
Chopstick sleeves may only be ordered in the same quantity as personalized chopsticks.

Can I place an order by phone?
We need to have your order and engraving instructions in writing to assure 100% accuracy. This is done when you place an order online, and supplemented via email if you feel an order needs clarification.

Can I have text on both sides?
Engraving is only available on one side, but you may request different text on the top and bottom chopsticks - no extra charge.

Can I order just one chopstick as a gift or sample? 
Or get a free personalized chopstick sample? Our minimum order quantity is 50 sets. This is the smallest order quantity that is cost effective to produce. We don't offer free samples (the photos are vert clear).

Do you offer lighter wood chopsticks or chopsticks without a sharp point at the end?
The website shows everything we have in stock.

What are shipping costs?
Free shipping (w/$49+ order) and handling including Hawaii. 

Do you ship outside the US? 
Yes! Please visit our Shipping Page for details.

Where is the Asian Symbol List?
You’ll find the symbols available when on the chopstick order screen. Just look for the button that lets your show Asian Symbols.

I want Chinese, Japanese, Korean or other language on the chopsticks. What should I do?
Please provide the Chinese or Korean characters you want in the form of a graphics file such as a .JPG file, and also as text in an email or Word document.  You may also mail a vector graphic such as adobe Illustrator with the text in it. We will translate to Japanese for you, just provide the English text. For free resources on free translation to Chinese and other languages please do a web search - they are very easy to find and use.. Please note that there is no longer an extra charge for Chinese/Korean and Japanese - they are included free on request!

Any advice on fonts?
Lacey fonts on a dark chopstick can be less prominent, so we may add a little thickness as needed in these cases. For darker chopsticks you may want to go with a heavier font type. Also please note that fonts with large or ornate capitol letters tend to make the lower case letters a bit smaller, as the largest letter (vertically) determines the overall size we can use.

Can I have a different text on each stick?
Yes! No charge. You may have the 1st chopstick in a set say one thing, and the 2nd another. (But all of the sets must be identical).
I want to use a logo...The very small space on the chopsticks is not well suited to complex logos. We recommend sticking with text and our Asian symbols which look very good together. Simple, text-like logos are ok though.

How long can the text be?
Typically name and date, up to 32 characters with spaces. Allow 3 characters for Asian characters (maximum of 2). Color filled personalized chopsticks can have 22 characters each with spaces.

What English fonts can I use?
(Please pick the option for other than English text when ordering a different font). Our default font is Times New Roman, but you can use almost any font. We recommend not using bolded fonts - non-bolded look better for this application. If you don't see the font that you desire on the list, we will ask you to email it to us - it must be in a Windows PC True Type Font format.

Can my text be bolded?
Yes. Though for laser engraving at least, we recommend normal text.

Can the foil wrappers be changed to have some other writing?
Sorry no.

What size are your personalized chopsticks?
Length is just a hair under 9 inches, and the width of the chopsticks averages around 16 mm (10/16 inch).

Can I get these in boxes or with other accessories?
We don't provide these but feel free to decorate your chopsticks with your own ribbons, or package them in individual boxes if you like. You'll have to search around on the Internet for boxes though.

I already have chopsticks I bought elsewhere - can I send them to you for personalization?
We do not offer that service, but you may be able to get a refund on the ones you have and order ours instead.

I seem to have an incorrect total in the shopping cart. 
You may need to update the cart to remove any duplicate or unwanted items. Do this by changing their quantity to zero and pressing the Update button. Also please note the total price updates based on quantity.

What is the minimum order?
50 pairs of personalized chopsticks.