Chopstick Personalization FAQ 2

Can I select specific colors when ordering the Deluxe Chopstick sleeves?
In order to make sure we have complete sets for all customers we need to supply an even distribution of colors to all, so we will not be able to eliminate certain colors for most orders.

Are the chopstick and engraving photo colors accurate?
The photos are as close as we can get them. It’s important to note that colors display differently on different monitors - you can try this yourself by viewing the chopstick photos from several different systems. And of course with any wood product, there will be some subtle variations in color, but we make every effort to keep things as uniform as possible. Finally, the engraving contrast is quite dark as shown due to the high quality hardwood and engraving quality settings used. 
The most variability in engraving contrast can occur with the black tip style chopsticks, which are high quality bamboo as opposed to hardwood. Bamboo can sometimes engrave a little lighter than hardwood.

How do I attach an email or Chinese characters to my personalized chopstick order?
Asian characters cannot be entered into the text fields on the order screen - instead, create a separate email to us referencing the order and include your characters and engraving instructions in it. On the order screen, you may notify us via the Comments box that text will be sent separately for your chopstick order.

Can I see a proof before my order is produced?
You can request an electronic proof - just request it in the order comments box when ordering. This is not provided automatically, but if we have any question about your order we will generate a proof for your approval before we proceed. In most cases its not needed. Please note that we do not engrave and photograph actual chopsticks as a proof - the photos on the site show what the finished chopsticks look like, and the e-proofs are fine for confirming your layout. Note that proofs are to verify final layout, not for multiple font previews. Please use the font pop up, or a word processor to decide which font you like before ordering.

Where are the options for color chopstick text?
To order colored text you need to be in the Color Fill Chopsticks section, not the Engraved Chopsticks section.

How should I wash and care for my chopsticks?
Delicate wood products should be lightly hand washed, never soaked or placed in a dishwasher. Color fill is very susceptible to water damage - as a primarily decorative product, you may of course eat with them but special care should be taken to avoid over-wetting the color fill writing, which is acrylic and will be damaged if over exposed to water. Refunds cannot be issued for products nor cared for per the above.

Pricing FAQ - 
The displayed price is a baseline based on an order of 100, which is the most common order size people often choose. To see a price breakdown based on quantity:
On the order page please press the link labeled "Quantity/Pricing." 

Can I get custom logos or printing on chopstick sleeves?
The personalized chopsticks are customizable, but the sleeves are not.

Can I have separate printing on each chopstick (such as names of guests)?
Each order must be typeset for the whole order, so the closest you can come to this is placing separate orders for pairs of chopsticks.

Disposable chopsticks: 
“We are looking for a company to provide chopsticks with our company name (own style font) and logo on. We are mainly looking at disposable chopsticks although we are open to suggestions depending on price and we are keen to see what you can provide?” Our personalized chopsticks are priced very well, but are not disposable. We display everything we have in stock on the site, so if you don’t see it, we don’t carry it.

What are your chopsticks made out of?
All our chopsticks are made from high quality hard wood, except the black tipped chopsticks which are made from choice bamboo wood.