How to get engraving text in Chinese, Korean, Japanese or any other language!

Posted by on 9/25/2017
How to get engraving text in Chinese, Korean, Japanese or any other language!
Having your personalized chopsticks engraved in Chinese, Korean, Japanese or other languages is easy! The main thing to understand is that many of the Asian language character sets you may want to use for your chopstick engraving work just fine, but many web forms have problems transmitting them properly. Fortunately the solution is easy.

There are 2 basic ways of letting us know what you would like engraved on your customized chopsticks.  Start by placing a comment for us in the Chopstick Text box when ordering your personalized chopsticks, explaining what you would like. 

Next, you can send us an email after ordering with the text you want in that email. You can include Asian characters in the email, as they will transmit properly. As an alternative, you can email an attachment with your personalized chopstick text contained in either a pdf file (pdf), Adobe Illustrator file (.ai), a Corel Draw file (.cdr). These files are all scalable, so they can be stretched to any size without distortion, which is an advantage.

You may also attach a regular (bitmap type) graphics image such as a bitmap (.bmp) and of course a .JPG file, one of the most common. These are not scalable, but if the resolution is sufficiently clear, we can use these to engrave your chopsticks as well.

To summarize:
1) Note that you will send engraving info separately in an email after the chopstick order.
2) Send an email with either the text, or a graphic (explained above) for your personalized chopsticks.

Lastly, this is a free service we provide, unlike nearly all our competition.